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of government largesse, the defense contractors, the corporate welfare queens. that's in a perfect world. now welcome to the one that we live. where some of the people i i am perilled by the sequester cuts are among the most poor, most vulnerable elementary school students in low-income areas and families who are already on the verge of going homeless. let's bring in joel berg executive directors of the new york city coalition against hunger and author of " "all-you-can-eat: how hungry is america." >> john: were you priced. >> i guess i was surprised when obama cut the deal to create this, acting people in the white house if it would impact the women, infants and children program, the wic program they said well we don't think it's going to happen. i think the impact will be worse on low income americans and anything that shafts low income americans will happen, unfortunately. because it's pointless, mindless and counterproductive does not mean that they're not going to become u.s. law. >> john: they really thought that lucy would not pull the football away from charlie brown this time and now
of platform on national television or in their defense, this guy is arguably the most famous person to ever go in jail for this in america was it right and credible to do? >> it was whatever the opposite of credible is. i wish i could use a word that would expression the a sidic nature of what they did to their own resultation airing this have view. i don't fault bob costas. jerry sandusky was on trial at that point. he was asked a series of tough questions. that's an interview that you do. you don't do an interview by a third party with a convicted child rapist. you have to think about what a parallel to this would be, i mean would b.e.t. air an interview with the man who assassinated medgar evers if it was conducted by someday sympathetic to the ku klux klan? i would have loved to have been even a fly on the wall for the discussion that took place at nbc that said in some way shape or form this was a good idea, because it was a terrible idea. you know who it was really terrible for? we have to talk about the survivors of jerry sandusky's abuse. >> of course. >> because it's a known part of j
go to jail but i'm happy with the way the defense presented their case. their argument was that to be drunk equals consent. that was their explicit argument argument. they said jane doe, the 16-year-old who was victimized, they called her a drunk out of town football groupie. if justin lipps had sentenced them to nothing and hit that gavel and said you're free to go, given the cultural peaks that this trial was shouting out from, the effects would have been incredibly distracktive. >> john: it would be for them to go after some of the bystanders as well. it appears these guys thought nothing serious would happen because coach reno would make it go away. how common is that mentality in team sports. >> it's very common and it's been studied for decades. i found a study from 1994 that shows that college male college athletes make up 3% of male students yet 19% of those charged with sexual assault. >> john: can you repeat that stat for me? that's very important. >> yes male athletes make up 3.3% of the men at colleges. yet 19% of those charged with sexual assault. now, fas
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3